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Film & TV | Screen Daily
13 December 2019
Jojo Rabbit Star Thomasin McKenzie in Demand
After her stunning breakthrough in Leave No Trace, Wellington actor Thomasin McKenzie, 19, landed roles in four major films including awards contender Jojo Rabbit, directed by Taika Waititi. Screen talks to the fast-rising star.

There is many a film fan who believes…

Obituaries | Irish Times (The)
16 December 2019
Sir Peter Snell Sports Champion of the Centuries
Sir Peter Snell, three-time Olympic champion on the track and arguably the greatest runner in the history of New Zealand athletics has died, aged 80, at…
Architecture | Stuff
13 December 2019
Remote Lindis Lodge Wins World Architecture Award
Spectacular Lindis Lodge in the Southern Alps, designed by Wellington-based Architecture Workshop, has taken out the top hotel award at the World…
Politics and Economics | Bloomberg
11 December 2019
Jacinda Ardern Makes Annual Bloomberg 50 List
“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern banned military-style semiautomatic and assault rifles six days after 51 people died in the worst mass shooting in the…
Politics and Economics | Hungarian Free Press
11 December 2019
Labour Elects Hungarian-Kiwi Claire Szabó
“A truly surprising story from New Zealand. The ruling Labour Party has elected Claire Szabó as its new president. New Zealand-born Szabó is also a Hungarian citizen,…
Business | Fast Company
11 December 2019
Guilt-Free Coffee With Air New Zealand
“You might think that all airplane food tastes like plastic packaging, but good news: In a twist of fate, you can now eat airline packaging that actually tastes like food. Because it…
Community/General | BBC
11 December 2019
In the Shadow of the Mt Erebus Disaster
It remains New Zealand’s worst peacetime disaster. On 28 November 1979, a sightseeing aircraft carrying 257 people crashed head-on into the side of a volcano in Antarctica. The…
Politics and Economics | New York Times (The)
08 December 2019
Tackling Hot-Button Liberal Issues in One Swoop
Next year, our country will hold public referendums to decide whether to legalise assisted suicide and recreational marijuana, and separately, lawmakers will…
Politics and Economics | Guardian (The)
07 December 2019
Housing Crisis Bites in Northland
A 30 per cent  rise in people waiting for state housing in Northland is fuelling New Zealand’s “desperate” shortage in affordable homes, resulting in some families living in the woods, and in…
Rugby | ITV News
07 December 2019
Gatland’s Gate Honours Former Wales Coach
New Zealander Warren Gatland says he is “humbled” to have been honoured by the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) after having a gate at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium named…
Theatre | Creative NZ
13 December 2019
New Zealand Theatre Showcase Presented By NYC’s SoHo Playhouse for 2020
A season of New Zealand theatre is set to hit New York stages next year. Showing…
Community/General | New York Times (The)
16 December 2019
NZSOF Mission After Disaster on Whaakari
The team that recovered bodies from Whaakari/White Island went “to the depths of their endurance and past it,” said the colonel who oversaw the mission. The bodies…
Film & TV | InStyle
12 December 2019
Niki Caro’s Mulan a Timeless Re-Creation
Disney has been busy of late reviving our favourite childhood animation films into live-action remakes. Following in the footsteps of Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King (which…
Sport General | Sports Illustrated
17 December 2019
NXT Star Dakota Kai Reinvents Herself Post-Injury
Professional wrestler Auckland-born Dakota Kai, 31, is quickly becoming an indispensable piece of popular television programme, WWE NXT’s success,…
Community/General | Los Angeles Times
18 December 2019
What California Can Learn from Christchurch
“I went to New Zealand on a long-planned vacation to see the setting for The Lord of the Rings movies and the mountain scenery. But as the earthquake reporter for the…
Business | Forbes
19 December 2019
Families and Investors Love Koru Kids
Koru Kids is a London startup, founded by New Zealander Rachel Carrell, trying to help busy parents. They help parents find a local after-school nanny who will do the school pickup, help…
Arts | Guardian (The)
16 December 2014
Nine Things We’ve Learned about Peter Jackson’s Epic Saga
“Just as there are nine members of the Fellowship, here are nine things we have learned from Peter Jackson’s six-picture behemoth …” Guardian journalist Ryan…
News | Durango Telegraph (The)
10 December 2009
Working to Live
New Zealander Michelle Clark-Smith, 32, who is now based in Durango, Colorado, is “building a semi-professional ski career for herself in tandem with her partner-in-crime and husband, longtime local photographer Scott DW Smith”. In…
Society | National Geographic
13 December 2004
Celebrating Stories on Skin
When Matt Strawbridge was a boy growing up in New Zealand, school became difficult. He couldn’t read given his dyslexia, and his grades suffered….
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