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Science/Tech | Wire (The)
29 May 2019
On the Anniversary of Ernest Rutherford’s Find
“In 1907, a New Zealander named Ernest Rutherford moved from McGill University in Canada to the University of Manchester. There, he conducted a series of experiments where he fired alpha particles at different materials,” Vasudevan Mukunth writes for Indian news…

New Zealand | Conde Nast Traveler
30 May 2019
Have Car Will Travel the North Island
“Let me be clear: so long as you are in a car, there’s no wrong way to see New Zealand,” Erin Florio writes in a feature on the North Island for Condé Nast Traveler.


Nature | CBC Radio
30 May 2019
Perfectly Preserved Moa Prints Discovered
Michael Johnston was out taking his boss’s dog for a dip in a nearby river in Ranfurly, when he stumbled across some unusual markings in the waterbed. Jonathan Ore…
Visual Arts | Brisbane Times
29 May 2019
Sydney’s Carriageworks Hires Blair French
The international search for the next leader of Carriageworks in Sydney has ended with the appointment of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s New Zealand-born Blair French…
News | Stuff
31 May 2019
Malcolm Black: We Remember Your Smile (1961-2019)
Malcolm Black ONZM, leader singer of the early 1980s anthemic band Netherworld Dancing Toys from Dunedin, died in Auckland on May 10, 2019, aged 58, of…
News | CNN
31 May 2019
Pua Magasiva, Actor (1980-2019)
Popular television actor Pua Magasiva died on May 11, 2019 aged 38. Born in Samoa but raised in New Zealand, Magasiva played the Red Ranger in 2003’s Power Rangers Ninja Storm as well as 2004’s Power…
News | Canberra Times (The)
31 May 2019
Quentin Pongia, Kiwi Hardman (1970-2019)
Kiwi rugby league legend Quentin Pongia died on May 18, 2019 aged 48 following a diagnosis of bowel cancer. Reporting for the Canberra Times, sports journalist Caden Helmers…
Music | Paste
29 May 2019
At the Organ with Sarah Mary Chadwick
Sarah Mary Chadwick’s artistic output has been an ideal combination of quality and quantity, according to Robert Ham who Skype interviews the New Zealand musician for monthly music and…
Agriculture | Japan Times (The)
28 May 2019
New Zealand Responds to Alternative Protein Threat
In a report for The Japan Times, journalist Charlotte Greenfield talks to Dave Harper, a farmer in the scenic Canterbury region, where his…
Taste | Japan Times (The)
28 May 2019
Sake Expert Rebekah Wilson-Lye on Sake Culture
International PR and marketing manager at Japan Craft Sake Company, New Zealander Rebekah Wilson-Lye, 44, is profiled in The Japan Times.

Wilson-Lye tells the…

Nature | The Telegraph
30 May 2014
5 Years Ago – Urgent Protection Needed to save Maui’s Dolphin
New Zealand has been urged to save the last 55 remaining Maui’s dolphin – one of the world’s rarest creatures – as they are on the brink of extinction and are expected to…
Design | National Post
26 May 2009
10 Years Ago – Waste Not Want Not
New Zealander Richard Gow has built a house in Canada made entirely from recycled and salvaged materials, including a deck built from wood out of a dumpster. Gow, a home renovator with…
Arts | Guardian (The)
28 May 2004
15 Years Ago – Puckish Psathas
NZ composer John Psathas applauded in the Guardian‘s review of his collaboration with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble in Bath. “This concert, entitled Zeibekiko, threw a puckish girdle”…
Legends | Warrior
19 April 2019
Legends – Nancy Wake
Nancy Wake was the Allies’ most decorated servicewoman of WWII, and the Gestapo’s most-wanted person. They code-named her ‘The White Mouse’ because…
Legends | Warrior
1 May 2000
Legends – Keith Park
A decorated fighter pilot in World War One, Keith Park was Commander-in-Chief of No. 11 Group during the Allied evacuation from Dunkirk (France) in the early part of…
Legends | Warrior
27 April 2000
Legends – Charles Upham
Acknowledged widely as the outstanding soldier of the Second World War, Captain Charles Upham remains the only …
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