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From Brian Sweeney, publisher, NZEDGE.COM | 07 June 2019 | #366 | New York
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Film & TV | Empire Magazine
05 June 2019
Inside Peter Jackson’s Personal Memorabilia Vault
Like many directors, New Zealander Peter Jackson isn’t just a movie-maker, according to Empire magazine correspondent Ben Travis. Like the dragon Smaug, Jackson has his own stash of gold – a collection of some of Hollywood’s most prized items and artifacts, a…

Rugby | RugbyPass
07 June 2019
New Zealand’s Best Coaches All Have One Unheralded Skill In Common
Exceptional technical skills, an in-depth understanding of the sport and astute strategic knowledge…
Motorsports | Telegraph (The)
07 June 2019
Simon Crafar on the Latest Tyre Specs
Former Grand Prix winner, WorldSBK racer and now respected TV commentator and reporter New Zealander Simon Crafar is in a sound position to offer some perspective on motorcycle tyre…
Rugby | Packet (The)
06 June 2019
1905 All Blacks Shirt to be Auctioned in UK
An historic 114-year-old All Blacks shirt worth tens of thousands of pounds is being sold by Falmouth Rugby Club, writes Marco Ferrari for The Falmouth Packet.


Business | Kyodo News
04 June 2019
High Hopes for the Town of Ruatoria
New Zealand medicinal business, Hikurangi Cannabis is looking to secure its slice of the “cannabusiness”, all while empowering the marginalised community of Ruatoria and allowing it to…
Visual Arts | My Modern Met
01 June 2019
Sculptor Neil Dawson Reflects on Public Art
Noted New Zealand sculptor Neil Dawson has been a force in contemporary sculpture for over 30 years, Jessica Stewart writes for American art site, My Modern Met. Most…
News | Bloomberg
01 June 2019
Edmund Hillary Fellows Encourage Bold and Humble Leaders
“A verdant Burning Man with lots more global utopianism” is how American business columnist and Elon Musk biographer Ashlee…
News | Sunraysia Daily
02 June 2014
5 Years Ago – Frost Boss Wins Prize for Innovative Farming Wind Machine
New Zealand engineer Kim McAulay’s portable frost protection fan – the Tow & Blow – has taken out Victoria’s..
News | Silicon Valley Business Journal
05 June 2009
10 Years Ago – Investing in New Zealand
A number of New Zealand companies are seeking alliances with the Silicon Valley’s tech investors and entrepreneurs..
News | Guardian (The)
06 June 2004
15 Years Ago – Beach Houses
“Self-catering in NZ has never been sexier.” The Observer rates four of the North Island’s most luxurious retreats; the Glass House on Waiheke Island..
Legends | Originators
8 December 2000
Legends – Richard Pearse
Richard Pearse: “Mad Pearse”, “Bamboo Dick”, self-taught inventor, prophetic designer, trail blazing aviator and ..
Legends | Endurance
13 March 2000
Legends – Jean Batten
“She was the manifestation of triumph and hope against the odds through the dark days of the Depression. In 1934, she smashed, by ..
Legends | Scientists
22 March 2000
Legends – William Pickering
“The launch of Sputnik in 1957 forced the United States into the space race. Fighting the Cold War..
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