#95 Remembering Kiwi Heroes

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Edge Message #95 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

New Zealanders in Global Headlines

New Zealand headlines in this week’s sampling of global media appearing in BBC, Variety, Empire, Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, Playbill, Newsday, National Geographic, The Age, The West Australian, Economist, The Christian Science Monitor, Statesman Journal and Yachting Monthly include:

–  Liam Finn tours US with Eddie Vedder, interviewed by Letterman
–  Porirua’s Pataka exhibits Native American Crow’s Shadows
–  Cooper, Walker, Icebreaker, changing world view of NZ fashion
–  Et al’s altruistic studies at international exhibition, Art Basel 39
–  Paul Whelan, an impromptu Raimundo, “electric” in London
–  Barry Barclay dies, 63, Rawene, artist laureate and Ngati director
–  Keisha Castle-Hughes begins role as Celeste in Vintner’s Luck
–  New Zealand vineyards predict prosperity from global warming
–  Teddy Tahu Rhodes vies for Bianca’s affections at DC Opera
–  NZ’s West Coast, “unspoiled” at the Rough and Tumble Lodge
–  Paul Middleditch, ad-director, high-profile with Pepsi at Super Bowl
–  Richard Evans, Sydney Opera House CEO, faces renovations
–  Chatham Island bird fossils discovered, 65 million years old
–  Bill Manhire in Adelaide charting the “unmapped space”
–  NZ property entices British developers for a quick sale
–  Martin Ball’s Finn portrait wins Archibald Packing Room prize
–  Godwits flock to NZ from Alaska in six days, passage studied
–  Dame Ngaio Marsh, one of 50 crime writers to read, Guardian
–  Abel Tasman sea-kayaking, “definitely not short on assets”
–  NZ whaler, the Essex, sunk 1819, to feature in BBC doco

For full stories see /category/newzedge/, a 6,000-story storehouse of international activities by New Zealanders 2000-08.

Photos: Liam Finn on tour with Eddie Vedder, Image from Crow’s Shadows on show at Pataka Museum, “Plant It Hoodster” from Icebreaker clothing 2008 collection.

NEW: Nga Kupu Aroha: Blog #21 By Denis O’Reilly, March 2008

Denis notes the cycle of life as he gathers together the memories of those who have recently passed, Sir Ed Hillary, Hone Tuwhare, Shirley Smith, Del Adams, Ben Dalton Snr. Then it’s on to life in Aotearoa New Zealand with the Waitangi Day furore over gangs on marae, Shane Jones badmouthing Josh Masters of the Tribesmen and Killer Beez, and the Government’s get tough on graffiti intentions means it must be election time. Musical notes around Warren Maxwell, Don McGlashan and the Ragamuffin festival; and grave concerns over body snatching “a new twist on the consequences of miscegany”. Read on.


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