#63: Transmit – It’s Cool To Korero

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Edge Message #63 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM



Talofa lava, Taloha ni, Taalofa, Malo e
lelei, Ni sa bula vinaka, Kia orana, Kia
manuia, Fakaalofa lahi atu … kia ora, G’day.

Today the New Zealand Edge is proud to
present a major digital initiative affirming
Aotearoa’s location in the south seas, licked
by the tongue of the Pacific Ocean and its
cultures; a mix of new technology and deep
roots to affirm that its peoples, riding the
antipodean ebb and flow of arrival and
departure, from waka, to steamer, to 747,
are from a land on the edge of the planet
– and at the heart of the South Pacific.

Transmit is a dynamic digital project, mixing
rich images, interactive toys and conscious
urban Pacific sounds and rhymes to encourage
users to actively play with, challenge,
contribute to, and extend the notion of
Aotearoa New Zealand’s South Pacific identity.

Transmit is produced by creative director
Sarah Hunter in collaboration with new media
wizards Oktobor Interactive, and DJ MU (music
producer and heavyweight founder of Fat
Freddy’s Drop), and brought to you in
association with The New Zealand Edge.

Check it out. Create and rearrange in the
Pasifika playland. Face-off with the
faceshifter, contrasting NZer portraits to
construct a unique face of the nation. Mix
beats from DJ Mu to make your own Aotearoa
New Zealand sound-tracks. Contribute to the
global gallery with your take on the edge
you’re from or at …

There’s never been a more felicitous time to
connect with Pacific (peaceful, reconciling,
conciliatory) principles. Enjoy, interact and
be engaged with a dynamic interactive
exploration of part of the edge community.
After all: it’s cool to korero!
Transmit’s the word: pass it on.

Brian Sweeney
New Zealand Edge

“I’m a solo adventurer
Riding high on the southern seas
Navigating the ocean’s open breeze
I’m guided by the stars with our open hands
In search of the new fertile lands

I’m a solo adventurer
Trying out the new technology
To find a narrative for reality
I’m slowly creating my own philosophy
Based on building my community.”

MC Antsman, A Solo Adventurer

Brian Sweeney
Publisher, Producer
mailto: brian@nzedge.com

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