#56 ‘Silver Lining to the World’

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Edge Message #56 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


The kowhais and kaka-beaks beginning to bloom herald a not-too-distant summer (or the fading of one up over).

Welcome to the influx of new friends at New Zealand Edge from Australia and the UK; we’ve been advertising in NZ-newspapers in these countries and the response has been extremely positive.

From the edge this month:

* New Heroes: Chilly Bin Billionaires Brydone & Davidson

* New Mail: The question is asked: “could we create New Zealand as the silver lining to the world?” Plus 100 other letters and notes from New Zealanders across the planet.

* Newzedge: Tall Blacks stand tall (propagate the Tall Black Syndrome?), plus other stories of Kiwis bouncing the globe.

* Forum updates: New contributions to our Home&Away and NZ Visual Language forums.

The latest installment in the NZEDGE heroes series. New Zealand has long been mythologised as a country that ‘rode to fortune on the sheep’s back’. The $4 billion+ a year export food industry of today might never have happened were it not for the innovation and wisdom shown by a group of legendary settlers of the 1880’s led by William Davidson and Thomas Brydone. The next time you carve into a tender fillet of Kiwi lamb sirloin, now exported to more than 90 countries around the world, you might like to reflect on the fascinating story of how the frozen meat export industry began; a story of technology, determination, vision and pioneering colonialism. Written by Lesley Whittaker of Totara Estate.

“Could we create New Zealand as the silver lining to the cloud of the world?” (Yes). This and other brilliant provocations and affirmations in the 100 or so posts from New Zealanders all around the world in the September Mailbox. As usual, the best is at the end: the story of the ordinary / extraordinary Pte Bruce Morrison, unsung WWII hero. We thank everyone for writing, for their frankness and their engagement.

NEWZEDGE: Z references in the world’s online media

  • Tall Black’s hoop dreams soared in Indianapolis
  • NZ loses two legendary men of letters: Alan Brunton and Neal Travis remembered
  • I am International: Colin McCahon exhibition in Stedilijk
  • Commonwealth Games wrap-up: the Kiwi winners; Snell and Walker remembered; Emily Perkins reflects; Mancunians haka; John Psathas and Kiri make music to match
  • All Blacks are 2002 Tri Nations champions
  • The Datsuns are the future of rock’n’roll
  • Neil Finn gorgeous in Chicago
  • Bamboo Dick – first flyer Richard Pearse in Salon
  • Warriors minor premiers in NRL
  • Danny Coster Apple iMac designer
  • M for Mambo designer Marcelle Lunam leads Sydney street smarts
  • Biochemist Peter Shepherd entrepreneur of 02 in London
  • Karen Walker breakfast clubs in Oyster
  • Southern Alps best slopes, Huka Falls idyll in Vogue
  • Queenstown chills out for Financial Times
  • Anika Moa tough talking in LA’s Flaunt
  • Restauranteur Toni Farac’s Wildfire Sydney hotspot
  • NZ art rep at Asia Pacific Triennial; Anne Noble licks crits
  • Film: Kiwi short film focus at Locarno Film Fest, LotR extra sex symbol Brett Mckenzie, Elkayem’s Eight Legged Freaks freaks public
  • Place your chips on the Kiwi economy says Worth
  • Peri Drysdale’s Untouched World brings guilt-free fur to Oz
  • CK Stead’s Secret History admired in Washington Post
  • Maz Quinn WCT pro-surfer
  • Georgina Beyer change agent in Independent
  • Wai 100% world music award nominee for BBC3
  • Alone it Stands gets grand-slam reviews pre-Sky City Season

Updates to NZEDGE forums
Two NZEDGE forums continue to generate global soul-searching and today we bring you the second batch of responses to the re-entry/coming home debate. Defences of the islands and advances for staying global.

Responses continue to probe through the undergrowth, unearthing the awkward duality of finding yourself a Kiwi with wings. As well we add recent responses to Turi Park’s open letter on New Zealand visual culture, including: “The public image for Kiwis in the UK is desperately straight, unsexy, unmysterious … and that just isn’t true. Sort it out all you bright people!” Engage.

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