#51 Local Heroes At Oscars

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In newzedge, our review of New Zealanders in the world media, we feature film, sport, art, science and tech and breakfast cereal. Lord
of the Rings and the Oscar quest continues to dominate ‘z’ mentions in the world’s media.

From the online annals of NYT, Guardian, New Statesman, CNN, Prospect, Art Forum, Economist, Times of India, Village Voice,
Salon, Syd Morn Herald, Independent, National Post, The Age, Moscow Times, Sundance, Conde Nast Traveller, Yomuri online and the BBC:

  • Crowe, Adamson join PJ in antipodean Oscar hunt
  • Kiwi creatives bugger flat Aussie advertising
  • Auckland Uni leads heart/lung computer modeling
  • “NZ’s most successful fashion designer” Rebecca Taylor
  • Nathan Astle takes to bat for Black Caps
  • Tim Bevan most powerful film producer in London
  • John Britten V1000 lauded at Guggenheim, Vegas
  • Liz Calder (Bloomsbury) on Potter vs. Frodo
  • Actor Kevin Smith passes. RIP
  • Guardian netjetter causes stir re godzone=dullzone
  • Neil Finn’s 7 Worlds music to ears of music media
  • Crime writer Chris Niles finds NYNZ fringe thrills
  • PJ candid on Charlie Rose and writes on LotR for NYT
  • Kiwi art crew takes LA led by Intra, Laird, Van Hout et al
  • Dennis Dutton in Washington Post on environment debate
  • Robert Wade in Prospect on pro/con globalisation debate
  • Deep Video to revolutionise gaming, doctor, pilot practice
  • Ernest Rutherford and Ocean 11 moonshine connection
  • Mark de Clive-Lowe talks nu-jazz
  • Sam Neill tribute for 25 yr contribution to ANZUS culture
  • Xena tackles Vagina Monologues
  • Rebecca Wilson most feared on web as Nezvanova
  • Mary Hobbs takes edge homage to New York post 9.11
  • Jason Wynyard world champ axe-man
  • Dick Hubbard’s socially conscious breakfast cereal
  • KR with Princess Anne on mission to Antarctica
  • Supermarket nirvana in Gisborne, Maori oral history key to tsunami  prediction, and the Kiwi landscape continues to get the travel  sections raving post-Rings


Expressions of homesickness, pride, doubt, celebration and opportunities for NZ identity reforging. Chefs in Whitney and Sydney, Bank Officers in Melbourne and Hawkes Bay, throw into the surf discussions on Hobbiton, Brain regain, silver fern, Aotearoa re-entry,
entrepreneurial resource, student loanscheme, Big OE and critical mass. Heroes suggestion and debate, includes the Apple
i-Mac co-designer Danny Coster, Rocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien and multiple calls for the inclusion of mathematician Vaughan F. R. Jones, winner of the discipline’s highest honour (there is no Nobel Prize for mathematics), the Fields Medal, for his work on knot theory. https://www.nzedge.com/mailbox/janfeb2002.html

We’ll be rootin’ for locals at the Oscars Monday 25, for the whole Lord of the Rings crew, for Andrew Adamson’s co-creation Shrek and the man with the beautiful mind. My money is on two Wellington boys from Pukerua Bay (PJ) and Strathmore Park (RC).

Be on the Edge.

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