#36 Movietown, NZ

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Edge Message #36 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


We’re still here, under the beating Wellington sun. It’s drought here, warmth as reliable as LA. This is, after all, Movietown NZ. Academy Award town. Pacific edges correlate. Russell Crowe was born in Wellington; go Russell go on Monday. “What you do in life/echoes in eternity.” Maximus.

News of Butt-Kickin Kiwis today in


  • Brendan Donovan hits it Here with Lee Majors
  • Matthew During announces new gene therapy
  • Kerry Fox searing and explicit in Intimacy
  • Auckland buzzes on world best list
  • Grant Dalton does The Win in The Race
  • Price of Milk film release stories
  • Michael Walker, horse racer wunderkind
  • Sunline simply “the best horse”
  • Tomlinson M16 breaches #1 Book List
  • Moas, Kiwis, Possums, Cows and Thar
  • Neil Finn’s One Nil tour, album news
  • Denis Dutton’s admirable Cyberedition venture
  • John Lewis, Headmaster Eton, retires
  • Sally Penn fashions New York
  • Lloyd Geering and Lisa Simpson compared
  • Kiwi Experience the backpacker blueprint
  • Tech innovations from Silicon Valley South

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For some light diversion laced with catholic inspiration, we’ve posted a new photo gallery “Clouds” – Omarama, Auckland dawn landing, Kapiti cathedral, shadows over Kaikoura, leaving Coromandel for the USA.


My nzedge.com cohort Kevin Roberts is keynote speaker at Fast Company magazine’s RealTime conference in Philadelphia May 22, sharing the honours with Tom Peters and Martin Luther King III. Fast Company co-founder Alan Webber was the midwife for the radical brand thinking you can find at http://www.lovemarks.com.

We’d love to see you in Philly so check it out at http://www.fastcompany.com/realtime/philly/

This week Kevin spoke to the board, editors and staff of Nature in London. Nature is one of the world’s most stimulating and influential journals, having published groundbreaking scientific research since 1869. There’s a strong edge angle (punctuated equilibrium), which you can see at http://www.saatchikevin.com/talkingit/thinking_round_corners.html


Thanks for lively mail and registrations. We’re completing three new Hero stories that will be on the server progressively over the next six weeks. We’re stoked at the number of schools now using these stories, and are planning a page simply called “Homework”. Anyone interested in helping convert the Hero stories to homework loved by students and teachers and parents, please let me know. See /category/legends/

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