#18 Kiwis Making International Headlines

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Edge Message #18 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

To NZEDGE.COM MEMBERS across the globe

We have over 50 new stories this week about New Zealand internationalists.

  • Grant Dalton pure speed across the Atlantic (NY Times)
  • Alison Maclean sweet talks new movie (NY Times)
  • Dennis Dutton on cyber-success (USA Today)
  • Kevin Roberts punts Saatchi & Saatchi into Premier League with 1.24 bill pound merger (Independent UK)
  • Steve Williams celebrates with Tiger (Golf.com)
  • David Low draws acclaim in retrospective (Evening Standard)
  • Bob Charles in pantheon of putters (Las Vegas Sun)
  • Justine Wright paints LA pink with Oscar (Guardian)
  • Marie Clay reading recovery in Maryland (Sun Spot)
  • Hinewehi Mohi merges music edges (Sonicnet.com)
  • Fisher & Paykel on whiteware fightback (The Advertiser)
  • Teddy Tahu Rhodes walks in Sean Penn’s shoes (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Mike Moore on human face of globalisation (Daily Star)
  • Don McKinnon has all hell breaking loose (Dawn.com)
  • Lisa Reihana weaves into Sydney Biennale (Bienalle.com)
  • CK Stead talking about O’Dwyer (Timeout.com)
  • John Bracewell spinning in Gloucestershire (Sunday Times)
  • Tim Finn turns it on in Boston (Boston.com)
  • Greg Turner wary in Wales (Independent UK)
  • Barbara Anderson has hot summer novel (Timeout.com)
  • James Cook legend revisited (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Kerry Black creates waves in Bournemouth (BBC Online)
  • Auckland parties like the Riviera (Guardian)
  • Maximus Crowe still slaying them in the aisles (Empire)


And if you’re in the mood, on a related site you’ll find two new speeches by Kevin Roberts to London conferences – “The Love Bug” – an exploration of emotion, love, reptilian brain behaviour and the evolution of branding, and “Field of Dreams” – the latest iteration of Peak Performance. Check them out at http://www.saatchikevin.com/speeches.

Enjoy the weekend. Regards

Brian Sweeney
executive editor

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