#17 Amazing International Kiwi Achievements

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Edge Message #17 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

To NZEDGE.COM Community

Today in HEROES we publish the story of Tex Morton, the extraordinary New Zealander who was one of the most famous entertainers in the USA in the 1950s. I saw Tex and his one-man show in the Morrinsville War Memorial Hall when I was about seven years old; that such magic, humour and showmanship existed was a discovery that has influenced me to this day. I don’t believe an understanding of “New Zealandness” is complete without knowing the Tex Morton story.

Welcome to the NZEDGE community to people who have registered this week from Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Christchurch, Hamilton, Jacksonville (Florida), London, Modesto (California), Otorohanga, Pukerua Bay, Sutton Coldfield (England), Waiau Pa, Waimate, Wanaka, Wellington and Whitianga.

A plug for the ultimate Russell Crowe site, Maximum Crowe, their link to our NEWZEDGE page resulted in thousands of new site visitors this week.

NZEDGE co-founder Kevin Roberts made two major speeches in London last week, to the Institute of Directors Conference on Leadership (speech called “Field of Dreams“) and to the International Advertising Conference (speech called “The Love Bug“). Kevin was rated one of the top presenters at both conferences.

For the latter event he shared the bill with MIT Media Lab director Nicholas Negroponte, Economist editor Bill Emmott, Germaine Greer, NATO spokesman Dr Jamie Shea and Body Shop founder Anita Roddick. You can access Kevin’s speeches at http://www.saatchikevin.com/speeches.

On the subject of Kevin’s speeches, the following came in this week following his speech to the AdTech Conference in San Francisco in May. It’s from Ron Feiertag, Contributing Editor of the magazine for Personal Computer User Groups: “…a truly excellent keynote speech by Kevin Roberts. I could not have been more favorably impressed by him and by what he had to show us. I saw advertisements from his company that I would never want to fast forward through because they are better than most of the programs currently shown on television. Kevin Roberts was arguably more entertaining and more informative than any other speaker, speaking about any other subject, anywhere. That is saying a lot, but during the hour of his speech, there was nowhere else in the world that I would have rather been than in his audience, soaking up everything that he was saying.”

Have a great weekend.

Brian Sweeney
executive editor

Thumbnail: “Tex Morton with Sister Dorrie – You and My Old Guitar”

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