#153 Accolade Of 2012: Least Corrupt Nation

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From Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM | 20 December 2012 | #153 | New York

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New Zealand least corrupt nation on the planet; “cleaner” than Scandinavia – CNN
New Zealand’s
super plan named world’s most innovative sovereign fund – Financial Standard
New Zealand
filmmaking big enough to move national economy – New York Times
New Zealand’s green “pure” image as “fantastical as dragons and wizards” – International Herald Tribune
New Zealanders, with our “strong natural justice”, are world-class arbitrators – National Business Review
New Zealand native trees and plants are flourishing in Californian gardens – SF Gate
New Zealander “insulted” as an Australian; UK court rules as racist – The Atlantic


A-Ward, inventors of world-first container tilter, win steel “Oscar” for recycling system – Recycling Today
Stephen Jennings exits Renaissance Capital for Africa; Russia loses “true champion” – Moscow Times
Lisa Matisoo-Smith, biological anthropologist, to read NZ’s DNA in search of our lineage – TVNZ
Mark Wilson, former AIA head, 46, appointed CEO at leading UK insurer, Aviva – Guardian
Hangi rocks could reveal the magnetic history of Earth – Live Science


Prof Bruce Morton, applied mathematician, beloved Monash lecturer, 86 – The Age


Karen Walker’s whimsical Diamond Jewellery collection about “everyday luxury” – Vogue Australia


Richie McCaw, Captain “fantastic”, no player better in back-to-back wins – Independent
Jack’s Point, “eye candy” golfing; “adventure separates NZ from the pretenders” – Golf Digest
Darren Smith, former NZ hockey player, 39, appointed Irish women’s coach – Irish Times
Tai Webster, point guard, 17, prospect prize of Nebraska Huskers – Big Red Today
Keith Murdoch, rugby “fugitive”; ABs pay homage at Welsh “Murdoch Memorial” – Daily Mail
Dan Carter, 30, IRB player of the year; Steve Hansen, coach; All Blacks, team – Malaysia Star
All Blacks, world’s No 1 side, torn apart by young English side 38-21, Twickenham – Telegraph


Tongariro’s eruptions may be good for business, according to tour operators – Sydney Morning Herald
Wellington and Auckland airports feature in Monocle’s ’12 Travel Top 50 list (subscription)
Tasman Glacier meltwater lake silent, for “nature hasn’t had time to move in yet” – WA Today
Lady Knox Geyser one of 940 surviving on earth; erupting daily at 10:15 a.m. – Missoulian
Wellington has plenty of free tourism activities; walk coasts; scan horizons; head to Weta – Fox News
White Island’s crater sprouts a “truly weird” rarity, a lava spine – Wired


Hobbit reviewed worldwide; “made with brio and fun, immediacy and glitter, bold purpose” – Guardian
Lord of the Rings: work of a filmmaker perfectly in tune with source; Hobbit less captivating – New York Times
Philippa Boyens, Jackson, Walsh; “one of the most successful collaborations in film history” – LA Times
Wellington benefits big time with Jackson’s ever-present film-production industry – Travel + Leisure
Wellington’s Courtenay Place a 500m-red-carpetted Hobbit premiere extravaganza – CNN
Andrew Dominik, director, 45, collaborates with Brad Pitt in Killing Them SoftlyWall Street Journal
Billy Apple celebrates 50th anniversary of brand; looks ahead to Immortalisation – Frieze
Barnaby Southcombe, director, 40, casts mother Charlotte Rampling as his debut film lead – Orange
Mike Wallis, filmmaker, 36, one of a surge of New Zealanders taking on the industry – New York Times
Auckland University, launches NZ literature anthology; an eclectic “knife through time” – Financial
Paul Nathan’s Generation Ink an unsentimental catalogue of tattooed 20-somethings – Brokelyn
Len Lye’s ’36 Rainbow Dance a “deliriously jazzy” public information film – Guardian
Kimbra covers Nina Simone for Nikon “Women in Music” campaign – Billboard
Florian Habicht, filmmaker, 30, let New Yorkers direct his tale of romance – Sydney Morning Herald
University of Otago research finds James Bond more violent than ever – Telegraph


New Zealand is “my teacher/supermodel/A-list-star all rolled into one” says Royd Tolkien – Telegraph
Shaun Higgins, Auckland Museum pictorial librarian, solves decades-old map mystery – Guardian
Dave “Rasta” Rastovich, pro surfer, paddles 350km in anti-seabed mining awareness campaign – ESPN
Kylie Bax, model, 39, endorses lifting properties of Anna Wilding’s bee venom mask – Herald de Paris
Lucas Remmerswaal, author, in the US promoting financial literacy of children – Fredericksburg.com
Auckland’s abandoned dogs as smart as pedigree, though the SPCA’s dogs can drive – Herald Sun
YWCA and DDB NZ highlight gender pay gap with unbalanced advertising – Advertising Age

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