#150: Olympic Gold

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From Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM | 14 August 2012| #150 | Auckland

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Valerie Adams achieves Olympic goal; silver upgraded to gold after rival fails drugs test – The Australian

Lisa Carrington, canoeist, 23, sprints for gold in inaugural Olympic race – Chicago Tribune

Jo Aleh, Olivia Powrie sail serenely round Olympic course to win gold in 470 class – Reuters

Sarah Walker, BMX rider, 24, stands on Olympic medal podium; clouds silver lined – TNT Magazine

NZ Olympic team pay a visit to Hinemihi marae, Surrey; one of its kind in UK – BBC

Mt Tongariroroars into life after a dormant half-century – Chicago Tribune

Air Force Orion spots massive 26,000km2 pumice mass floating above waves – National Post

Rebecca Priestley, science historian, blogs about Kermadec sea voyage for Scientific American

New Zealand mythical Middle-earth; difference is, you can visit our landscapes – International Business Times

Radio Network House, quake damaged structure imploded; a NZ first; dust in seconds – NY Daily News

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Award-winning New Zealand artist, filmographer, writer and director Vincent Ward has become the first New Zealander to be invited to show their work at the prestigious Shanghai Biennale in China. One of only three artists to be offered a solo pavilion at the showcase, his exhibition Auckland Station: Destinies Lost and Found will be open for three months in an historic Shanghai cathedral.

Not only is this a incredible opportunity for Vincent as an artist, but inclusion in such a prestigious showcase is valuable doorway into China for New Zealand business, politics and other artists. Vincent has put a lot of time, money and energy into taking part in the Shanghai Biennale and it’s looking achievable – with a little help.

Supported by Robin Williams and Taika Waititi, Vincent has set up a crowdsourcing campaign on Kick Starter in an effort to get the support necessary to exhibit at this influential festival. Every backer will receive a personal gift of thanks from Vincent including emails and signed postcards to limited edition prints and DVD packages.

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