Japan’s Landscapes Inspire Photographer Damon Bay

New Zealand photographer Damon Bay is shining an outsider’s eye on Japan’s countryside. He’s reimagining an ancient art form to showcase the beauty in everyday landscapes, according to Hiroyuki Tanaka, a journalist for Japanese broadcaster, NHK World.

Bay says he’s inspired by traditional hanging scrolls, known as kakejiku. He calls his works, “photojiku.”

Bay has been photographing Japan since arriving in the country in 1991. He focuses on the semi-rural areas called “satoyama.”

“This satoyama environment can be only seen is in Japan,” he says. “I really like that the natural environment coexists with where people live.”

“I think many Japanese people are not aware of just how beautiful Japanese countryside is,” says Damon. “I want to show my photos in a different way from usual, because I want to create a fresh take on this beauty.” The elegant form of Bay’s photo scrolls brings life to landscapes where town meets country, and a Western eye meets Japanese tradition.

Bay held an exhibition of works in August in Chiba, Japan.

Original article by Hiroyuki Tanaka, NHK World, September 28, 2017.

Photo by Damon Bay.

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