Z for Zachariah – Terrifying Post-Apocalyptic Love Triangle

“Surviving the end of the world is stressful enough, but add two guys battling it out over a girl, and you’ve got trouble. But that’s exactly what the characters are stuck with in for Z for Zachariah”, writes USA Today.

The post-apocalyptic thriller is based on the 1974 best-selling novel by Robert C. O’Brien and premiered early this year at Sundance to rave reviews.

“A powder keg plot set-up triggers an underwhelming display of dramatic fireworks in Z for Zachariah, a post-apocalyptic survival tale propelled by male/female emotional dynamics”, according to Todd Mc Carthy in the Hollywood Reporter.

Even though set in the Midwest of America, the movie was shot in Banks Peninsula in New Zealand’s South Island.

“The breathtaking New Zealand setting which doubles as the American South, as captured by David Gordon Green’s regular cinematographer Tim Orr, really adds to creating that scale”, writes Edward Douglas in a review for Sundance.

“In the film, Ann Burden (Margot Robbie) thinks she’s the last person on earth until she discovers (and saves) fellow survivor Loomis (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and soon the sparks are obviously starting to fly. But then (…) incredibly creepy Caleb (Chris Pine) comes along and everything starts going wrong”.

The film, directed by Craig Zobel stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Margot Robbie and Chris Pine.

Robbie “really proves herself to be the real deal with her performance as Anne, pulling off an extremely convincing portrayal of her innocence. The other two actors are equally good and the terrific overall performances confirm Zobel’s talents for bringing out the best in his actors”, writes Edward Douglas in a review for Sundance.

Z for Zachariah opens in US theaters August 21.

Article Source: USA Today, Sara Moniuszko, June 05, 2015.

Image Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

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