Why You Should Retire in New Zealand

The benefits of retiring in New Zealand are extolled by Catey Hill of MarketWatch, as she explains why the country is a great place to retire for active baby boomers. The “dramatic natural landscape – and the outdoor recreation it enables – attracts many retirees to New Zealand”, with many opting to move to the country based on the eclectic mix of incredible landscapes featured in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. However it’s not just the country’s natural beauty that retirees love – they’re also drawn by New Zealand’s famous wine and food industry, with keen wine-lovers already familiar with the Marlborough region and foodies keen to experience the country’s local produce.

Despite going on to note the high cost of moving to New Zealand – where retiree visas require significant economic investment -and the length of the transit for retirees wishing to visit family back in the United States, the article notes that “the natural beauty, outdoorsy lifestyle and culinary and wine scene can still make New Zealand a compelling place to spend time in retirement. And there are plenty of places in the country that balance beauty and amenities with affordability, with small cottages in Nelson, Wanaka and Kerikeri available for between $1,000 and $1,200 a month.”

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Fewer New Zealanders Cancelled from Australia

Fewer New Zealanders Cancelled from Australia

The number of New Zealanders living in Australia who have had their visas cancelled on character grounds – including criminal behaviour – has halved under the Albanese government, Emma Elsworthy reports…