Why New Zealand is an Amazing Paddling Destination

One of the best ways to see the country is from the water, and standing up, according to photographer and paddler New Zealand-based Scotsman Johny Cook writing for SUP magazine.

“All of my [stand up] paddling has been done on the South Island and although it can have great summers, the weather changes drastically regardless of the season,” Cook writes.

“Summer is definitely a good time to hit the water but the lakes can be deceiving in how warm they look. This isn’t to say winter is a bad time but you’ll want to trade those shorts and t-shirt for a wetsuit.

“Our short paddle trip back in January consisted of 10 lakes in 6 days. We hit both the local tourist water spots and some of the lesser-known areas that we had to ourselves.

“We did learn, however, to check the names of places. Lake Oahu translates to ‘windy place’ and the water looked more suited for surfing than a paddle.

“Nevertheless, New Zealand is a land of opportunity for paddlers of all experience levels.”

Original article by Johny Cook, SUP, May 4, 2017.

Photo by Johny Cook.

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