Vogue Spies Twenty Seven Names

Street fashion blogger and Vogue Australia style blog contributor, Xssat, took a visit to Wellington-based label twenty seven names, to take a look at the brands 2014 autumn/winter collection and to find out a bit about the two ladies behind the clothes.

While there, the labels designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart revealed to Xssat that when it comes to designing a collection, they do it together. “We always design together; it’s probably the main time of the year that we do work with one another consistently for several weeks. When we start designing a collection we look towards things that we’ve been doing recently that have really grabbed our attention,” said Easting.

The touch of prep that creeps in in every collection, Eastings explains, is influenced by their personal styles and the clothes themselves are designs that the pair would want to wear themselves.

The inspiration for their upcoming collection came from a visit they took to the Margritte Museum in Brussels. What came next was a collection that Easting describes as her favourite to date.

Easting and Stewart have been best friends since the pair met on the Karori Normal School playground in Wellington. The pair then both attended Otago University with Stewart studying fashion and Easting studying art. While at university they would make their own sweaters, earring, and did their own screen printing.  Returning to Wellington they set up Twenty Seven Names (named after the twenty seven people that helped them to start up their label), the hotbed of creativity continues to act as an influence to their designs.

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