The Ultimate Beach ‘Shack’

“An unassuming ‘shed’ by the water in New Zealand is secretly hiding a modern home with two bedrooms designed for a family-of-five,” writes Billie Schwab Dunn in an article for The Daily Mail.

“Sitting on  a beach in The Coromandel on the North Island, this holiday retreat created by Crosson Architects measures a mere 40 square metres” and is “designed to close up against the elements when not in use.”

“The aesthetic is naturalistic, the unpainted timber evocative of wind and sand-blasted timber beach-side structures,” it reads on the company’s website.

“The hut has been perched unobtrusively on the beach dunes and when it is closed up the rough macrocarpa wood used for the cladding blends into the landscape.”

“The clients behind the project wanted to explore the essence of holiday living, which is often ‘small, simple and functional”.

Because the “Coromandel beach site lies within the coastal erosion zone where all building must be removable,” the “hut is designed on two thick wooden sleds for movement back inland or across the beach and onto a barge.”

Article Source: Daily Mail, Billie Schwab Dunn, December 12, 2018

Image Source: Crosson Architects

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