Triplets Melting Hearts All Over the World

Christchurch newborn photographer Cassandra English, of Hazel & Cass, has made hearts melt across the world, after capturing heartwarming images of one-month-old redhead triplets Macy, Toby and Sadie cuddled together.

English said she wasn’t able to photograph any of the triplets separately as they would begin to wake as soon as they were moved apart.

“They just wanted to snuggle each other, it was adorable, they all got the hiccups at the same time,” English told Daily Mail Australia.

“When I would take one away they would start stirring and then I would put them back and they would start placing their little hands around each other,” she said.

English shared a video of the photographing process on Facebook, which was soon shared more than 10,000 times.

“It’s crazy, it’s all around the world and in the newborn photography world it’s gone very viral and in our little corner of the world it’s blown up,” she said.

The shoot only took three and a half hours, which English said “is amazing”.

“We had to be as efficient as possible and that’s where my sister, who’s my assistant, comes in. We get a quick work flow going on and we maximise their sleeping time.”

The photos are pared back compared to your regular newborn photography which is English’s style.

“You see lots of newborn videos get pushed around of quite heavily posed babies [while] mine [are] quite natural and they’re in natural positions, keeping it quite classic,” the photographer said.

Original article by Billie Schwab Dunn, Daily Mail, August 18, 2017.

Photo by Cassandra English.

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