Thinking Outside the Accom Box

New Zealander Shane Blind has created a novel micro-house out of a 6m shipping container that has a couple of pop-outs at its centre, allowing him to get around the problem of narrowness, Kimberley Mok reports for green design and living news site TreeHugger.

Blind and his wife use their Kumeu “Pod-Tainer” as a guesthouse. Inside, you can see that the bump-outs really help to expand the space to feel more open and comfortable. Blind wanted to eliminate the need for fold-away tables and beds, as he tells “We wanted everything to be as it was and you didn’t need to collapse anything to move around.”

Instead, zones are demarcated by subtle details: the tiny bump-out that houses the sitting area is bounded by a curved carpet, while a curved half-wall with a window opening for light partitions off the bedroom.

Opposite the sitting area, in the other pop-out, sits the bathroom, which has a shower that even the 6-foot-tall Blind can comfortably stand up in.

It’s yet another iteration of what’s possible with shipping containers if one thinks outside the box, literally.

Original article by Kimberley Mok, TreeHugger, November 23, 2016.

Photo by Living Big In A Tiny House.

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