Teddy Tahu Rhodes Has a Devil of a Time

New Zealander Teddy Tahu Rhodes, “the drawcard” of State Opera SA’s recent season of Faust, “brings his powerful voice of dark charm to the role of Mephistopheles, an imposing icon of evil,” Adelaide Now reviewer Ewart Shaw writes.

“Sir David McVicar’s original production, recreated here by Bruno Ravella, was made for Covent Garden, to international expectations. State Opera and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra brought immense energy and commitment to this exhilarating night of opera, stepping up to those expectations. Oh yes, and where is God when all this is going on? Right at the end you’ll know.”

In another review of the opera in Adelaide’s In Daily, Diana Carroll was equally impressed, writing: “Rhodes was magnificent as Mephistopheles, his grand stage presence matching his powerful voice … Treat yourself to a ticket – it really is a grand night of theatre and Teddy Tahu Rhodes never disappoints.”

Rhodes was born in Christchurch.

Original article by: Ewart Shaw, Adelaide Now, August 24, 2015

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