Swedes Are Funnier than They Think Says Al Pitcher

“One of Sweden’s hottest comedians,” our own Al Pitcher, 42, has launched his new comedy show, Nääämen: It’s Al Pitcher, in Stockholm. Educated in Rotorua, Pitcher has won numerous comedy awards in his new homeland.

Strolling around the Swedish capital with English-language news network the Local, Pitcher explains why people need to see this show, “a unique laughing experience”.

“It’s very much a one-off show, each night is different,” Pitcher says. “There’s no message to the show other than laugh as hard as you can. Get the work out that you need on your abs.”

The show is about being an expat in Sweden but Pitcher has lived there for five years. Is it possible to ‘stop’ being an expat? the Local asks.

“I think you should always try and be a tourist, and learn. My first two tours were very much about funny words and bits like that. This one also has the reference to ‘näämen’ but it’s more about me going into the Swedish society a bit more.

“I think [Swedes] are really funny – funnier than they actually realise. I think when I first came here I thought they were going to be a bit reserved and quiet – they’re like a walnut: once you break the hard shell and get in there, they’re great.”

Pitcher began his stand-up career in London in 1999 when he made ​​it to the finals of So You Think You Are Funny.

Original article by Mimmi Nilsson, The Local, October 22, 2014.

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