Startup GoodWorld Raises $1.65M in Series Seed Round for “#donate” Technology

Financial tech startup GoodWorld, Inc. has secured $1.65 million in investment capital to close out a preferred series seed round for its #donate technology. The round is a co-investment led by Nyca Partners, with participation from Camp One Ventures, Fenway Summer Ventures and others.

Donors who complete a one-time registration on the GoodWorld website can give to any partnered charities simply by typing “#donate” in the comment block of a charity’s Facebook page or by tweeting “#donate” at a charity.

“We are essentially creating an online global community fueled by generosity,” said Dale Nirvani Pfeifer, New Zealand born founder and CEO of GoodWorld.

“Our technology enables donors to engage with and contribute to their favorite causes in a new way, leveraging the power and viral nature of social media as a tool for spreading inspiration and encouraging donations—no matter how big or small.”

“Compared to Uber and iTunes by The Washington Post, GoodWorld recently completed a successful closed beta test with several noteworthy charities, including UNICEF, Save the Children and the American Red Cross.”

“GoodWorld’s innovation stands out from the crowd,” said Ettore Rossetti, Director of Social Media & Digital Marketing at Save the Children.

“The remarkable simplicity and share-ability of ‘#donate’ could be a real difference-maker for us, especially in rapid-response situations like disaster relief.”

“The ability to transfer money on social media with just a hashtag is revolutionary for the financial technology sector—a space ripe for disruption,” said Hans Morris, Managing Director of Nyca.

GoodWorld, Inc. was launched by Massey University-educated Dale Nirvani Pfeifer in 2014 as a platform to enable seamless donations on social media. The Southlander has worked in the US for eight years as a program director at organizations including FutureView, Push4Peace, Project on National Security Reform, and the EastWest Institute.

Article Source: Good World

Image Source: Youtube

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