Sorceress Releases Another Dose of Soul

Among New Zealand’s fervent soul underground, which has produced such musicians as Ladi6, Electric Wire Hustle and Benny Tone, is another contemporary soul outfit, Sorceress.

“[The band’s forthcoming album] Dose, which updates their take on the neo-soul sound pioneered by the likes of D’Angelo and Jay Dee [has a] lush electronic foundation that borrows as much from fellow New Zealanders Electric Wire Hustle as it does from more recent vocal electronic explorations of producers such as Om Unit.

Dose manages to make beautiful sense of the sweet spot between soul and electronic music, infusing the colder electronic elements with organic warmth.

The album features the vocals of Rachel Fraser, whose deep and sultry voice helps carry the band’s new sound. The result is an album that perfectly illlustrates the seemingly never-ending potentials that lie in bridging traditional and modern music paradigms, whether in the studio or on the stage.”

Sorceress began as Funkommunity and was founded by Isaac Aesili and Fraser. Their debut album, Chequered Thoughts was widely acclaimed around the world and saw them tour Europe and Japan in 2012.

Original article by Laurent Fintoni, Fact Magazine, May 18, 2014.

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