Sir Ed on “Knocking the Bastard Off”

The Guardian interviews Sir Edmund Hillary in the lead up to the 50th anniversary of his Mt Everest ascent. “He talks about his experiences with the bluff modesty of a Boys’ Own adventure hero […] Perhaps it is the wisdom of age, but there is no trace of self-aggrandisement or razzmatazz in Hillary. He speaks about his achievements with a phlegmatic honesty.” The archetypal old-school pioneer, Hillary leads National Geographic’s extensive issue on Everest. “I think a lot of people rather like the fact that I haven’t just climbed mountains but also built schools, hospitals, and all the rest of it. So in a way I’ve given back to the people all the help they gave me on the mountain.” And full face kings Ed and Tenzing grace Britain’s Royal Mail ‘Extreme Endeavors’ stamp series.

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