Singer-Songwriter Emma G Specialises in Empowerment

When Covid-19 closed venues and cancelled concerts, Waikato-born Emma Ghaemmaghamy, like many of her peers, took to new avenues to connect with audiences, including live-streaming and podcasting, Chris Kelly writes in a story for The Washington Post. She started a coaching practice called Youth Empowerment Through Music.

However, Emma G, the name she performs under, wasn’t content to just preach the power of music – she needed to practice it, too. She spent February of last year writing a song a day.

“I was writing some material that … explored parts of my psyche that I hadn’t given myself an opportunity to heal from in my previous years of therapy and songwriting and whatnot,” she says.

Youth Empowerment Through Music “helps parents reconnect with their teenagers, and teenagers reconnect with themselves using the power of music and songwriting”.

Original article by Chris Kelly, The Washington Post, April 28, 2022.

Photo by Alex McSwain.

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