Singer Shirley Setia Debuts in Netflix Film Maska

Aucklander Shirley Setia, who has made her acting debut with the Netflix film, Maska, recently spoke with India’s Bollywood Life. The actress, who began her career as a musician, hopes that the film will keep everyone entertained during the Indian 21-day lockdown.

Setia is currently living in Mumbai.

She told Bollywood Life: “I am actually quite excited. I am happy that the film is finally coming to life. Pata nahi tha actually ki aise condition mein aayegi (Never thought that it would arrive in this condition). I don’t think anyone could have predicted or anything, you know. I am glad that it’s finally coming out and it’s a very feel-good film. So, hopefully, it will keep [the audience] entertained during the quarantine period.

“And it’s difficult you know, pura time ghar pe hi rehna, time spend karna hai (staying at home the entire time, needing to spend our time), but we must find things you know to keep us busy.”

Setia is a graduate of the University of Auckland. In 2016, Forbes magazine’s Rob Cain wrote a feature on Setia in which he stated that “Bollywood’s Next Big Singing Sensation Just Might Be This Tiny Kiwi”.

Maska was released on Netflix on 27 March.

Original article by Shivani Pawaskar, Bollywood Life, March 30, 2020.

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