Queenstown’s Fergburger – One of Lonely Planet’s Best Burgers

Queenstown’s Fergburger has been named one of the planet’s best burger experiences in a ranking published by Lonely Planet.

According to Lonely Planet “Queenstown’s funky Fergburger serves protein-heavy fodder to fuel you up for any number of bungee jumps, jet-boat rides and zorbing forays”.

Must try burgers named are the lamb burger, the Little Bambi Fiordland venison burger, the Codfather and the Cockadoodle Oink (fish, beef, chicken and swine combos).

All Featured Burgers:

Slider man – birth of the burger, USA – “the burger’s spiritual home”. Head to boutique burger bars such as New York’s Burger & Barrel to taste the ‘true’ burger.

Kiwi burger, New Zealand – Fergburger in Queenstown, one of the world’s true adventure capitals is worth travelling for.

Dromedarian delicacy, Morocco – Cafe Clock serves Eats-meets-West fusion with their camel meat burger.

Arctic explorers, Canada & Iceland – Try the sensational Klondike Rib & Salmon’s caribou and elk burgers in Whitehorse, Canada, visit Iceland’s gourmet burger grill Grillmarkadurinn which offers puffin, reindeer and minke whale meat options or try the musk ox burger served at Tonimoes Restaurant in Inuvik.

Big Bird sandwich, South Africa – “Nothing gives you a taste of Africa quite like a mouthful of ostrich,” according to Lonely Planet. Visit the Neighbourgoods Market at Cape Town’s Old Biscuit Mill for your true African burger experience.

The great British ham‘burn’ger, UK – The Atomic Burger in Bristol serves one of the hottest burgers on the list, The Atomic Fallout burger. Burger Off’s XXX Hot Chilli Burger in Hove (near Brighton, Sussex) might be even hotter.

Bloodless burgers, Singapore – the best meatless burgers are served at VeganBurg.

Burgers with bounce and bite, Australia – Try Australia’s crocodile, kangaroo, emu and barramundi burgers at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market in Darwin, which “is a hard spot to top”.

Burger noir, Japan – The Japanese arm of fast-food chain Burger King has a black burger range (Kuro Burger) – including black cheese, buns etc.

The list also features some of the “uglier side of the slider’s evolutionary path” with horrifically calorific burgers at places like the Las Vegas’ Heart Attack Grill “where diners don hospital gowns before tucking into behemoth Octuple-Bypass Burgers with lard-fried chips and buttermilk shales, served by waitstaff dressed as nurses.”

Article Source: Lonely Planet, Patrick Kinsella, October 27, 2015.

Image Source: Twitter – InstaTravel

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