Piha Beach One of the Most Instagrammed Beaches

Piha Beach has been identified as one of the most Instagrammed beaches (#21) in the Asia Pacific Region in a list compiled by travel company Globehunters. Lonely Planet reports. The Auckland West Coast beach was Instagrammed 28,974 times.

Australia’s Byron Bay was the most Instagrammed beach “clocking up close to two million posts at the time of the study”, followed by Bondi Beach, Bora Bora in French Polynesia and El Nido and White Beach in the Philippines.

“With Asia Pacific being home to so many fantastic, and Instagram-worthy beaches, we wanted to find out which were the most popular. It’s no surprise that the Australian beaches of Byron Bay and Bondi Beach came out top, as these are destination hot spots with both tourists and locals alike,” said Spiros Maragkoudakis, General Manager of Globehunters.

“However, what we’ve found most interesting is that the study features some beautiful beaches that people may not have thought of visiting.”

To see the full list of most Instagrammed beaches please click here.

Article Source: Lonely Planet, James Gabriel Martin, May 3, 2018

Image Source: Wikipedia

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