Portland’s Twist on Classic NZ Dessert

What happens when it rains? A question especially pertinent for warm-weather businesses, like ice cream shops, many of which say they see a big drop in business during rainy weather, Katherine Chew Hamilton writes for Portland Monthly. But New Zealand-style ice cream truck Zeds Real Fruit Ice Cream certainly hopes customers won’t let the drizzle put a damper on their ice cream plans.

This year, the normally seasonal truck is braving its first winter in an effort to recoup its losses from the pandemic, Chew Hamilton writes.

“It’s been very difficult for us,” says Nico Vergara, one of the owners of Zeds. “We focused a lot on marketing this summer, and doing giveaways to try to drum up new clients.”

New Zealand real fruit ice cream, like what’s served at Zeds, is made by blending vanilla ice cream and a scoop of fruit in a special machine imported from New Zealand. The resulting ice cream comes out in a soft-serve-like spiral, tinged the colour of the fruit.

Original article by Katherine Chew Hamilton, Portland Monthly, October 23, 2020.

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