Popular Film Baby Done Released in UK

With New Zealand-made film Baby Done just released on digital platforms throughout the UK, the BBC’s Emma Jones writes about the film’s star, Rose Matafeo, and how the film explores misgivings about motherhood.

Matafeo, 28, a London-based New Zealander who’s also written BBC Three’s millennial sitcom Starstruck, plays Zoe in the movie, produced by Jojo Rabbit’s Taika Waititi.

Matafeo recalls that after the film was released in New Zealand in 2020, people got in touch, confessing to sharing the main character Zoe’s reservations about motherhood, Jones writes.

“There were Twitter comments such as, ‘it’s so nice to see an actual reflection of this, it happened to me, I felt so much guilt over not having the ‘right’ feelings,’” she says.

Matafeo thinks that the battle is mental as well as seeking a physical perfection.

Original article by Emma Jones, BBC, January 21, 2021.

Photo by Vertigo Releasing.

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