Pitchfork Fave Created by Parris and Ciara

The Parris Goebel-choreographed “Level Up”, a track sung by American singer-songwriter Ciara, who joins New Zealand’s ReQuest Dance Crew on the dance floor, is one of American online music magazine Pitchfork’s favourite videos for July.

“It’s hard not to appreciate a viral dance challenge that even your grandmother could pull off. But chances are, your grandmother would break several important bones if she tried to copy the moves in this video. Choreographed and directed by 26-year-old Goebel (pictured left), aka the genius behind Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ clip, ‘Level Up’ is marked by nonstop, elite, Jersey Club-paced body motion,” Ryan Dombal writes.

“It is not user-friendly. (Perhaps realising this, Ciara offered an alternative ‘Level Up’ challenge that’s more about the song’s self-help message than the video’s dancing.) But the high level of difficulty on display here makes this thing a blast to watch. That horizontal running man! The bullet-time breakdown! Those cascading finger guns! Mimic at your own risk.”

Original article by Ryan Dombal, Pitchfork, August 2, 2018.

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