Photographing the Epic Beauty of the South Island

“New Zealand’s South Island is known for its picturesque landscapes, breathtaking high peak Alps, and ever-changing weather. It is a world heritage for its untouched wilderness, clear night skies, and adventure tourism. After travelling through the North Island, it was time for me to jump south,” photographer Jesse Echevarria writes for blog, PetaPixel.

“These images are highlights of a two month’s journey through the South Island. I travelled from the north region all the way to the austral region at Stirling Point, the closest coast to the South Pole,” Echevarria writes.

“Living in my van, I was able to drive coast to coast without haste, absorbing New Zealand’s incantation one scene at a time. From incredible saturated coloured sunsets, misty mountain regions, crystal clear mirror lakes and rocky coasts, to rugged glacial valleys, lush forests with never-ending waterfalls, towering alpine peaks, the so-called ‘Spiritual Centre of the World’ and the amazing spectacle of the Aurora Australis.

“The South Island feels like a never-ending rollercoaster of masterpieces waiting to be captured by our camera lenses.”

Original article by Jesse Echevarria, PetaPixel, March 16, 2019.

Photo by Jesse Echevarria.

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