Photographer Rebecca Zephyr Thomas Lights Up

As the chaotic fashions of the early 2000s are poised for revival, according to Dazed’s Emily Dinsdale, New Zealand-born photographer Rebecca Zephyr Thomas shares her images from the first time around for an art and photography feature in the magazine.

In 2004, aspiring photographer Thomas moved to Shoreditch, the British epicentre of what we’re now dubbing “indie sleaze” – the infamous 00s trend recently identified by forecaster Mandy Lee as set to make a resurgence, Dinsdale writes.

Thomas recalls: “I shot all these photos on my father’s 1970s Nikkormat camera that I’d nicked when I moved to London in 2002 from New Zealand, everything was on film, it was a bit of a Luddite move in the early 2000s as most people were using digital… My photography style was resolutely anti-commercial – no models, no studios, no lighting setups, no stylists. I shot with either available light or on-camera flash and I mainly used the upstairs of pubs or the street as my locations.”

Original article by Emily Dinsdale, Dazed, February 2, 2022.

Photo by Rebecca Zephyr Thomas.

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