Photographer Launches Project to Prevent Bullying Against Redheads

New Zealand photographer Bianca Duimel “is hoping to change the conversation around red hair with a powerful art project.” Sarah Young reports for The Independent.

“I was looking for children for an art project and there was a girl Brodie Lee at our local gym with the longest most amazing red hair,” Duimel told The Independent.

“People were always commenting on her amazing hair but her mother, also a redhead, told me that Brodie-Lee was actually being bullied about her look.”

“Her mum had also been bullied all her life for having red hair and I found this so paradoxical and really wanted to bring light to the issue of bullying.”

“After shooting a series of portraits with Brodie-Lee, Duimel decided that she wanted to use her visual art to convey a powerful message and set about creating a book full of redheads.”

“People just don’t think that bullying redheads is an issue, that it’s a big joke. But it causes a lot of harm and more needs to be done to stop it,” Duimel told the New Zealand Herald.

Her first book ‘Red Matters’ will feature a total of 70 portraits; “her second book will feature 100 more.”

“Duimel hopes that the Red Matters project will challenge the stigma surrounding red hair and make people think about how they shouldn’t treat others differently simply based on the way the way they look,” writes Young.

Article Source: The Independent, Sarah Young, May 11, 2018

Image Source: Max Pixel

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