Pacific Nations on Track to Meet Renewable Energy Target

According to a report presented by New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully, Pacific Island nations are on track to achieve their goal of increasing their reliance on renewable energy resources within the next five years.

The ambitious target of having half of all power within the Pacific produced by renewable resources by 2018 was set at the Auckland Pacific Energy Summit, where investments in renewable energy projects totalling NZD$635 million was agreed.

Speaking at the Pacific Islands Forum in the Marshall Islands, McCully explained that while the goal is still awhile away the region is on schedule to meeting the 50 percent target.

“We are pleased to report that donors and development partners are delivering on this commitment, with more than 50 energy projects now being developed across the Pacific,” McCully said.

“Importation of diesel for electricity operation costs Pacific countries 10 percent of GDP and 25 percent of their import bill. New Zealand recognises that this is not sustainable, especially in a region where the potential for renewables is so great.”

The Pacific Islands Forum is currently taking place in Majuro in the Marshall Islands, with the issue of climate change top of the agenda.

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