Oslo-Based Brady Daniell-Smith’s Debut a Hidden Gem

From hypnotic hip-hop to Japanese psych-rock, Observer critics pick some albums of 2017 that deserve a wider audience, including the work of New Zealand-born Brady Daniell-Smith, who produces the melodies for singer-songwriter Anna Lotterud aka Anna of the North.

Lovers, the debut of [Norwegian-born Oslo-based] Lotterud and [producer] Daniell-Smith, cloaks a devastating breakup in soft-focus electro-pop,” Michael Cragg writes for the UK publication.

“The gently pulsating title track dissects emotional numbness over supple drum beats; Someone is drivetime 80s MOR via M83; while All I Want (‘is your love and affection’) closes things on a suitably bittersweet note, Lotterud’s multitracked, unvarnished vocal adding a blank sadness. In fact, Lovers is so unfussy that on first listen it can wash over you, but there’s real beauty to be found on repeated listens.”

Original article by Michael Cragg, The Observer, December 17, 2017.

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