On the World’s Greatest Family Road Trip

“I fell in love with New Zealand watching it on the big screen. For years I held the epic scenery from The Lord of the Rings in my mind: the misty mountains, the blue rivers and the rolling countryside with the Hobbit holes. But it didn’t occur to me to go there,” Sally Warren writes in a travel piece for Britain’s Telegraph.

“When a friend suggested a road trip in a campervan – a relatively keenly priced way to see the country – my husband and I were fantastically hesitant,” Warren writes. “We were deeply entrenched in our EasyJet-to-southern Europe inertia. Once we shook ourselves out of our torpor, thanks in no small part to our 11-year-old son, who shares my cultish Tolkien devotion, we realised that this would be our very own Bilbo Baggins-style adventure. And so it proved. New Zealand is magisterially beautiful on a different scale to any place I had visited before. From shell-strewn, golden beaches to Garden of Eden-like fjords, it is incomparable.”

Original article by Sally Warren, The Telegraph, October 23, 2018.

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