NZ Photographers in New York City Exhibition

New Zealand artists Nichola ClarkJonathan PilkingtonClaire Price, and Andrew B. White are featured in New York’s Ora Gallery’s exhibition Anthropocene Vision: Photography by Four Artists.

Anthropocene refers to today’s era where humans have had a permanent impact on earth.

The Kiwi photographers’ works attempt to ‘capture, influence, understand, and form a spiritual connection with the world we inhabit,’ according to the article in Lucire.

“Clark’s work is a vision of one site, a place where people came to be nurtured by the land. Pilkington evokes our ancient relationship with stone. Price’s vision reveals our sometimes absurd constraints on nature, and White’s work exposes the interplay between our urban environment and the natural world”, as stated on the gallery’s website.

The images show ‘nature and interiors that conceal—or reveal—vestiges of a human presence,’ noted the gallery.

The Ora Gallery, located at 51 7th Avenue in New York, was founded by Giarna Te Kanawa and opened its doors in June 2015. It’s a space dedicated to Aotearoa New Zealand Art & Design and ingenuity.

Artists who were part of the several, successful exhibitions included Jimmy James Kouratoras, Uili Lousi, Brian Sweeney, Ronnie Peters, Jacqueline Bennett, Laken Whitecliffe, Carrie Beehan, Keke Brown, Martin Horspool, Flox and Claire Price.

Article Source: Lucire, April 6, 2016

Image Source: Facebook – Ora Gallery

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