Nopesisters Abreast of Cancer With T-Message

Inspirational Wellington designer siblings Johanna and Brittany Cosgrove, are sharing profits from their clothing range Nopesisters to help survivors of breast cancer and sexual assault.

The trailblazers behind normalising the scars of breast cancer treatment started Nopesisters Clothing in October last year.

Every T-shirt they sell profits a charity or social organisation that does esteemed work in an area aligned to the message on their tees.

The idea kicked off after an image of a tee, stitched with the outline of one breast and a scar hand sewn by Brittany replicating the scars of their own mother’s breast cancer treatment, the ‘Mastectotee’, went viral.

“[Our mother] is one of our greatest supporters and helpers and her tenacity and courage drives both of us on a daily basis,” the sisters said.

Their authentic ambitions were reflected in their original purpose from the first tee, which set out to fundraise and raise awareness for their mother’s dragon boating team CanSurvive – a group of breast cancer survivors.

The sisters wanted to show on the outside the genuine effect of breast cancer experienced by the women in her team.

“New designs were created to match social issues we felt passionate about advocating due to personal experience, social issues needed to be addressed – sexual consent, period poverty and youth suicide,” the pair said.

Original article by Fiona Connor, Daily Mail, December 25, 2017.

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