New Zealanders Leading the Way in London Cafés

New Zealand-owned cafés, Ozone Coffee Roasters and Nude Espresso, are included in a Malay Mail Online feature about London’s “underground” coffee spots.

“Opened in 2012, Ozone Coffee Roasters London was originally founded by Kiwis in New Plymouth, before crossing the oceans to Shoreditch, Malay Mail reporter Kenny Mah writes. “The London chapter of the Kiwi-owned Ozone is famed for their eccentric menu (kedgeree with salsa verde and fried shallots, anyone?) as well as their stellar coffee.

“Arrive early before the crowds swarm in and grab a window seat; all the better to watch the world pass by. Designed by Lou Davies of Box 9 Design, the café is all exposed brick walls and time-worn wooden tables.

“The coffee, naturally, retains a strong Antipodean influence. There is a commitment to uncovering the beans’ best profile and flavours that you won’t find in a mass-market coffee shop.

“The cheekily-named Nude Espresso isn’t a clothing-optional coffee shop but a café founded by New Zealander Richard Reed and former IT consultant Gerard Fisher. ‘Nude’ here refers to the straightforward focus on great espresso.

Nude Espresso won the Café Society’s Independent Café of the Year UK in 2010 and 2013.”

Original article by Kenny Mah, Malay Mail Online, October 25, 2015.

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