Moniek Schrijer Wins Herbert Hofmann Prize At Contemporary Jewelry Fair

Wellingtonian Moniek Schrijer was one of three jewelry designers winning the Herbert Hofmann Prize at Schmuck, the contemporary jewelry world’s most important event, held in Munich in late February.

66 jewelry designers from 21 countries, chosen by the Austrian jewelry designer Peter Skubic from more than 700 applicants, displayed their work at Schmuck.

“The winners all combine unusual materials to create something entirely new,” said Ursula Ilse-Neuman, a consulting jewelry curator in New York.

“With the necklace ‘Tablet Of,’ Schrijer riffed on digital technology and communication by mimicking a smartphone, although hers is made of porcelain slate, gold and nephrite beads.”

She engraved the slate with emoji-like symbols including a musical note and a paper clip.

“Moniek does a lot with symbols, mixing old communication systems with new ones. Maybe her tablet in the future will be an archaeological find,” said Ilse-Neuman.

“What’s interesting about all this jewelry is that it’s not only about craft — it’s open to interpretation,” she said.

Moniek Schrijer is a Wellington-born jewellery designer. She “creates bold and unique work with a strong focus on experimentation and process, her primary interests being the transformative potential of materials.”

Article Source: New York Times, Diane Daniel, March 22, 2016

Image Source: Instagram – panjapolkulp

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