Melanie Lynskey Finds Light in the Dark

After nearly two decades of critically acclaimed performances, Yellowjackets star New Zealander Melanie Lynskey lands her first Emmy nod, Brooke Marine reports for W magazine.

Ever since she starred in the psychological drama Heavenly Creatures at just 16, Lynskey has occupied a variety of dark, twisted roles that seem utterly at odds with her soft-spoken and down-to-earth disposition. In just the past year, the Los Angeles-based actor has taken on Betty Gore, the real-life murder victim of Candy Montgomery in Candy, as well as Shauna, a plane crash survivor with deep secrets in the ‘90s nostalgia hit Yellowjackets. The latter would garner Lynskey both a Critics’ Choice Award as well as her first-ever Emmy nomination.

“In Candy you play Betty Gore who is murdered by her friend Candy Montgomery. As a performer, what attracts you to tragic stories?” Marine asks.

“It’s not always fun,” Lynskey says, “but it is satisfying to play big emotions and things that are difficult and gritty.”

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony takes place on 12 September.

Original article by Brooke Marine, W, August 17, 2022.

Photo by Julien Sage.

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