McCahon for auction

Colin McCahon’s 1982 canvas I applied my mind is up for sale and will be auctioned on November 17 at Sydney auction house Deutscher and Hackett. Estimated to sell for between $8, and $1,2,, the work, according to Browne & Bloem’s 22 book Colin McCahon: A Question of Faith, “belongs to a final series of four works, which drawing upon texts from Ecclesiastes, poignantly illustrate the artist’s ultimate collapse of faith in faith itself. Although one of the first in the series, Is there anything of which one can say, Look this is new?, and I applied my mind are dated March and May 1982 respectively, contemporary accounts confirm that each was substantially completed in 198. Both were exhibited at the Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington in April-May 1983 — what was to be McCahon’s last solo show with any of the dealer galleries — while [the final of the series] I considered all the acts of oppression would not see the light of day until McCahon’s funeral in 1987.” McCahon was born in Timaru in 1919. With Toss Woollaston he is credited with introducing modernism to New Zealand art in the early twentieth century.

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