Mayfair Salon Opening for Designer

A brief internship with the jewellery department of Sotheby’s in London at the age of 25, has brought New Zealand fine jeweller Jessica McCormack to opening a 465-square-metre salon – The House – a Victorian property in London’s Carlos Place, Mayfair. McCormack’s jewellery is worn on the red carpet by the likes of Madonna and Helena Bonham Carter; it is collected by Rihanna; and is lauded by French Vogue’s former editor, Corinne Roitfeld. Her latest collection – The Perfect Storm – is anchored in the sea. “So there’s lots of emeralds, and swallows,” McCormack says. “It has lots of marquises, diamonds, all greens and whites and blacks.” “I grew up by the sea, sailed with my father; being a New Zealander you are surrounded by water,” she says. Her workshop produces between 80 and 100 pieces a year, ranging from modest work at about £600 to million-pound set-pieces. The House opens in May, by appointment only.

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