Martin Henderson Not Taking Fame Too Seriously

Just how did the star of Grey’s Anatomy New Zealander Martin Henderson, 41, get so comfortable with the slings and arrows of a business which can literally plaster you sky high on billboards one minute, then tear you down the next?

“The answer to that,” Henderson tells News Corp Australia, “is I don’t take it all seriously. Any of it. I’m so grateful to be a part of this show.”

He credits this mature approach to learning the ropes and pitfalls early on his career.

“I started at 13 in television. When I was young, it was very dazzling and exciting and I experienced success early on in New Zealand [on another hospital drama, Shortland Street]. Fame … I got a taste of what that is and I think also, at a young age I got to see the pitfalls of investing in any of it.”

And maybe, he adds “it’s a bit cultural too … where we’re from, we’re a little more irreverent and it’s just a bit of that ‘no worries’ [mentality].”

Henderson was born in Auckland.

Original article by, March 15, 2016.

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