Marlin mayhem

Weymouth-raised stunt fisherman Matt Watson — who famously dove from a helicopter onto the back of a cruising marlin in the Pacific Ocean wrestling the giant fish to the surface before finally letting it go — is producing Discovery Channel show Extreme Fisherman. The show will chronicle Watson’s unending quest to find new and dangerous ways to catch some of the ocean’s most powerful fish. “I’ve been around fish and fishing my whole life, and having caught so many fish, the thrill started wearing off, so I started thinking of ways to bring back the thrill of catching my first big fish again,” Watson explained. These are not methods recommended by safety experts. “Obviously, they’ve got a bill, which is a sharp, pointy thing on the front of them,” Watson said brightly. “Of course, that’s sharp, and they’ve got a lot of weight and power behind them, so you don’t have to be a genius to figure out if they’re hitting you straight on, it’s probably gonna go through you.” In February, Watson was interviewed by David Letterman in New York and is a popular attraction on YouTube.

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