Maps Reveal New Details About Zealandia

New Zealand’s research institute GNS Science has published two maps revealing new research about the underwater continent Zealandia, where dinosaurs once roamed – and is allowing the public to virtually explore it on an interactive website, CNN reports.

The maps cover the shape of the ocean floor and Zealandia’s tectonic profile, which collectively help tell the story of the continent’s origins, Jessie Yeung writes for CNN.

The maps also help explain the setting of New Zealand’s volcanoes, sedimentary basins, and other geological features, said GNS Science in a news release.

People around the world can explore the continent from their own homes; the interactive website shows different types of maps of Zealandia, which users can layer and toggle as they like. For instance, you could locate all the ancient and modern volcanoes on the continent, or see where on the land mass ridges are still spreading.

“These maps are a scientific benchmark – but they’re also more than that. They’re a way of communicating our work to our colleagues, stakeholders, educators and the public,” said geologist Dr Nick Mortimer, the lead author of the maps.

Original article by Jessie Yeung, CNN, June 23, 2020.

Photo by GNS Science.

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