Life and Legacy

An in-depth look at Peter Blake’s life and (controversial) death makes some interesting observations about NZ society. The article surverys Blake’s mana: “a figure of clear-cut grace and stature” yet reflects on criticisms of his “red-blooded Kiwi male” reaction to a dangerous situation. Part of Blake’s legacy for NZers has been the “haunting question of culpability and blame,” a question directed at individuals and at society as a whole. Musing, the article concludes with a Shakespearean quotation: “there are only men and their choices.”

Peter Blake: 1 October 1948 – 5 December 2001

Tags: NZ Society  Peter Blake  Scotsman (The)  Shakespeare  

Oldest Surviving Photograph of Māori Discovered

Oldest Surviving Photograph of Māori Discovered

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