Kiwi Punter Makes Global News with Germany – Brazil Prediction

A New Zealander who bet $2 on the exact score between FIFA World Cup Semi-finalists Brazil and Germany has made global headlines.

The semi-final, which ended 7-1 to Germany and has been called “Brazil’s worst defeat in history”, was an unlikely result in a game where both teams went in fairly evenly matched.

“Who would have predicted last night’s 7-1 scoreline? A person from New Zealand it would seem.” The Independent reported.

The TAB has revealed that either one very lucky, incredibly talented fortune teller or someone with access to the Delorean placed a $2 bet on Germany beating Brazil by the incredible scoreline.

Placed at odds of 250:1, the bet landed the gambler $500.

The TAB, with which the bet was placed, told The National Business Review that 9,700 others gambled on the exact score without success.

The amazing prediction has been reported worldwide, including in Reuters India, CNBC and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Original story reported on The Independent.

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